There Is No Shortcut To Success

I recently got back from a mortgage conference in San Francisco and the video below was shown during one of the segments. Besides being funny, it really got me thinking of the word “success”. While everyone likely has a different definition of what that word means, it seems to be that to achieve “success” in life one must passionately strive for it. I truly believe greatness exists in all of us and the video through humor reminded me we can’t rely on outside influences to take us to the “top”. A lot of us look for the easy out and the quick buck only to be disappointed when the results aren’t what we desired. Infomercials, the lottery, diet pills, pyramid schemes, etc… are just a few of many examples of  stuck on the escalator products aimed to achieve instant success. 

The economy is getting a heavy dose of medicine and still feeling the aftershock of a stuck on the escalator decade where greed, corruption and a what can you do for me now attitude by Wallstreet sent our country spiraling downwards to the worst economic crisis since The Great Depression.

All of us have been in situations in life where our own escalator has stopped and we’ve looked around wondering who was going to help us out and get us to the top. The next time that happens for me I’ll look within instead of outwards.

More content to follow on a consistent basis with regards to the economy, mortgage industry and inspirational stories.

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