Putt Unobstructed

Even if golf analogies are not your bag, there was one lesson from the world of golf recently that could help us all.

At age 22, Rory McIlroy, creamed the field this last weekend at the US Open. Much will be written about his character and comebacks. But for me, the greatest lesson of the weekend was actually from past champion-turned-announcer, Johnny Miller.

In an obscure moment of the tournament, Zach Johnson missed a putt from about 3 feet away. Miller commented, “Folks, you just have no idea how hard it is to make the little putts once you have the years of experience. You stand over them and you just know too much and remember how much you have to lose.”

In that moment, I knew this comment wasn’t just about golf.

As 22 year-old McIlroy was bouncing from hole to hole making shots like…well, like a 22 year-old, Zach Johnson – a very accomplished, seasoned pro – was missing an easy putt. Like many of us, he carried his experiences around with him, and they can be heavy and burdensome.

Think of every time that you didn’t make that call or reach out to that client for fear of something going wrong. The fear doesn’t have to be massive to cause you to hesitate. Maybe it’s the memory of a past rejection. Maybe it’s the fear of not living up to a past success.

I believe that putting like a 22 year-old again is attainable. Living your life free from your own past experiences could be one of the single greatest actions you ever take.

Nobody makes every putt. Everybody must face rejection and loss.

As you stand over your own putt today, remember McIlroy. Free yourself from yourself. There is no guarantee that your ball will go in the hole, but you will make a lot more shots when you play lose and free.

Stay focused today. You have some disciplines in your business and your life that require you to be unobstructed.

Be liberated from your fears.

(via Steve Scanlon, Reality and Hope)

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