Top Producing Realtor Interview: Brian Gubernick

Brian Gubernick

This month’s TalkJet with Bill Hart features Brian Gubernick of Keller Williams Arizona Realty. Brian’s Homehelper Consultants team serves the markets of Scottsdale, Bellevue and Portland. In all three markets, Brian’s primary marketing strategy is radio advertising. Though he has only been in the business six years, Brian generated over $57 million in sales volume with 300 units in 2012. One of the keys to Brian’s success is his understanding of his target market and his target net goals.

Talk Jet is a monthly audio interview series that provides real estate professionals with the information and strategies that top producing Realtors around the country are using. The concept is simple: we want our referral partners to know how the best of the best are achieving success in today’s market. Listen to Brian’s interview now.

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