Harvard’s 5 Financial Reasons to Buy a Home

Harvard: 5 Financial Reasons to Buy a HomeEric Belsky released a paper this year titled The Dream Lives On: the Future of Homeownership in America. Eric is both the Managing Director of the Joint Center of Housing Studies at Harvard University and a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Housing Research and Housing Policy Debate.

In his paper are five financial reasons people should consider buying a home:

  1. Housing is typically the one leveraged investment available. 
  2. You’re paying for housing whether you own or rent. 
  3. Owning is usually a form of “forced savings”.
  4. There are substantial tax benefits to owning. 
  5. Owning is a hedge against inflation.

Homeownership is not just part of the American Dream – it carries many financial benefits. Read excerpts from Belsky’s paper that support these five reasons at KCMblog.com.

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