Interview with Top Producing Realtor Rowena Patton

Rowena PattonThis month’s TalkJet features Rowena Patton of Patton Property Group. Rowena uses a unique and energized approach for generating new clients. Her production has from 37 units in 2007 to a projected 230 in 2013. Her appearance on the radio show, “The Plain English” is one of the avenues she uses to reach potential customers. 

Talk Jet is a monthly audio interview series that provides real estate professionals with the information and strategies that top producing Realtors around the country are using. The concept is simple: we want our business development partners to know how the best of the best are achieving success in today’s market. 
Listen to Rowena’s interview now. We hope her marketing strategies and methods for company expansion help you increase your business!

Get Prequalified: The Homebuyer’s Edge

houseIn some areas, homes jump on and off the market in a matter of days. When you’re shopping for a home, you’ll want to have an extra edge over other buyers. That competitive edge is a prequalification letter from your lender. Having a prequalification letter will show buyers that you are serious. It will give your agent an advantage when negotiating on your behalf, and it will help you get the ball rolling quickly when you’ve found your dream home. Here are a few recent articles that highlight the importance of getting prequalified:


CNN MoneyHomebuyers: To get the house, get there first

Shopping in a popular spot? You’ll have to go beyond the usual sellers’ market tactics, such as getting prequalified for a mortgage. These strategies will help you find homes first, stopping a bidding war before it starts.

Keeping Current MattersHome Loans: Shopping for a Low Interest Rate

Move Quickly.  As they say, time is money… look into getting prequalified for a loan. This process is rather simple and can put you in a much better place to buy, as well as give you a great idea as to what you can expect to borrow.

Market Wired – Why It Pays to Get Prequalified for a Mortgage

“Many borrowers essentially sail through the application process. Because they do their homework and plan ahead, they get prequalified,” said Ray Brousseau, Executive Vice President with Carrington Mortgage Services, a lender active in more than 40 states. “Not only is the application process easier, but a qualified borrower is more attractive to home sellers, meaning that borrowers can get a marketplace advantage by going through the prequalification process.”

If you are currently shopping for a home, my team and I would love to help you with the prequalification process. Give us a call today!