5 Realtor Quick Tips for July 2011

1. Prepare diligently for EVERY appointment. 

Most agents prepare well for a listing appointment. They go in with a complete consultation manual ready to show the seller why they should sell now and at the suggested price. They make sure they have all the tools necessary to have a successful meeting.

  • What about the buyer consultation appointment?
  • Or the price-break appointment?
  • Or the negotiation of offer appointment?

There are four critical appointments in today’s market. We prepare for one of them. We ‘wing’ the other three. We must prepare as thoroughly for the last three as we do for the listing presentation. We must make the most of every opportunity presented from now until the end of the year.

2. Don’t forget the fundamentals; contact listings that expired in June. 

History has shown us that the single day of the year that most listings expire is December 31st. The date that comes in second is June 30th. There will be more opportunity in the first week of July 2011 than perhaps in any other July in history. The number of expiring listings will be staggering. That means opportunity for someone. Hone your listing and pricing skills and approach every expired you can. The inventory of listings you accumulate in the first two weeks of July could catapult you to success for the rest of the year.

3. Gain knowledge and then get to work.

Two quotes from the late business guru, Peter Drucker:

“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”

We have to become better at our craft every day. We must continuously improve our skills. We must become an expert at showing our customers what is taking place in the current housing market. They can then make the right choices for themselves and their families.

“Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.”

It is not good enough to be a student of real estate. We must act on our knowledge. We must plan where we wish to be and then get busy making our way there. If I could have only one of all the attributes successful people are known to have, I would chose the ability to work hard. It is the most important and will get you closer to success than any other attribute.

4. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Whether we are taking a listing, consulting a buyer, doing a price adjustment or presenting an offer-to-purchase, we must be able to effectively communicate our customers’ options in the current real estate environment. The use of strong visuals dramatically enhances the chances that the consumer will truly understand the points we are making. Too many agents are satisfied complaining about the fact that their client just ‘doesn’t get it’ even after they ‘told’ them what is happening.We must take the time to visually ‘tell a story’ on each point we are making. We must hone that story until it makes our point simple to understand. That is what differentiates talking at a person from truly educating them. We need to be great educators in this market. 

5. Stop hoping the market gets better…Make sure YOU get better.

As I travel the country sharing my message with real estate professionals, the same question comes up over and over – Steve, when do you think the market will get better? I have a difficult time addressing the person asking the question. I don’t want to be rude but the real question we should be asking is – When are we going to get better?

The best market a true professional can hope for is a market that truly needs the skills of a well-trained expert in the field. Anyone can do the job in a market that doesn’t require competency, skill and insight. To the great real estate professional, a market’s strength has always been determined by how many people needed our help. In my 25 years in the business, I have never experienced a market that had more people who need our help in making the right decisions for themselves and their families.

Are we consistently doing the necessary research to keep abreast of what is happening in today’s rapidly evolving market? Are we taking classes to help us understand why certain things are taking place? Are we taking the time to sit with our clients and simply and effectively inform them of their options?

“Are we prepared to help?” becomes the question that needs to be answered; not “When will the market no longer require a true professional?”

Blog Post courtesy of our friends at Keeping Current Matters. http://keepingcurrentmatters.com/getkcm/


This just in … News no longer breaks, it Tweets

(via Brian Solis)

Following the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death, Twitter once again celebrated its CNN-moment. This isn’t its first however, which actually seems to be news to emerging media pundits. The new reality of a real-time world is that news no longer breaks, it Tweets. We are the architects of a new media alert system, TNN – the Twitter News Network. And, because of us, we have set a foundation for which news media can more effectively track, check, and report on breaking stories as they unfold.

We are connected, we are the new wire…

As I shared with Jon Swartz of USA TODAY earlier…

When Sohaib Athar (@ReallyVirtual on Twitter) inadvertently live tweeted the Osama Bin Laden raid, the Twitter News Network (TNN) proved once again that it is the live wire for everyday people to break news. When Keith Urbahn @keithurbahn published the first credible report that the U.S. killed Bin Laden, TNN was also the people’s news source. Is it the biggest event in social media? It is among them, but that’s not the point. What it does signify however is that the gap between events and reporting is where Twitter shines as a human seismograph. This is yet another example of the importance of social media and the role it plays in monitoring the pulse of world events.

Twitter isn’t journalism, but it is a perfect beast for committing acts of journalism. Long before the news media and as President Obama was learning about the details of the events in Pakistan, individuals following @ReallyVirtual, @mpoppel, and @keithurbahn witnessed first hand as the operation developed and the real news emerged.

There are countless stories that already unravel the Tweets to show how Twitter was well, just being Twitter…a conduit for us to share our experiences as we experience them. Instead, I would like to focus on you, me, and how the magic of shared experiences in social “me”dia come alive in what I refer to as the information divide…the space between an event and when media fact check and officially report it.

We are literally making the world a much smaller place. Tied to connectedness, Twitter is equally magnificent at merging reach and velocity. The ability to propel news as reported by everyday people around the world in minutes consistently is as wonderful as it is surprising. And if words are a gateway to one’s soul, in the digital realm, they are the portage to insight and analytics. Shortly after the hail of Tweets, Twitter published an interesting data report that demonstrates the breathtaking volume of our ability to share what moves us.

The Bin Laden news peaked at 11 pm EDT with 5,106 Tweets per second (TPS) following the all time TPS high set by NYE 2010 at 6,939 TPS. Most notably, According to Twitter, the news event held the highest sustained rate of Tweets to date, hitting 3,000 TPS between 10:45 and 2:20 am, climbing to 38,7 million tweets in just 3.5 hours.

Social media monitoring and analytics platform Sysomos published data that was equally revealing.

In less than 12 hours since the tweeting began we saw almost 40,000 blog post and news articles and an astounding 2.2 million tweets all talking about Osama Bin Laden. As well, while no surprise that people in the US were talking the most about this event a look at our geo-location map shows us that people all over the world were tweeting about the news.

Twitter and social media bestow you and me with a platform to become extraordinary – even if for but a moment. We now possess freedom of Tweet, which represents nothing less than the beginning of the end of the era of #commandandcontrol

We will not be silenced.

p.s. Congratulations Will & Kate. While we celebrate in this news, we also celebrate your marriage, your love, and the hope it gives everyone around the world that a market for “happily ever after” does indeed exist.