Not What, But Who

(via Steve Scanlon, Reality and Hope)

Funks happen. The ebbing and flowing of our businesses and our lives is as inevitable as the rain in Portland. As long as you are still breathing, you will have lulls and you will have peaks.

You will also have many days that are neither high nor low, but rather somewhere in the middle.

The funny thing is that we can learn so much from any of these seasons. Don’t forget that seasons are just that – good or bad, they will soon change! It’s particularly important to remember this in tough times, because we might be tempted to think that the challenges are permanent. They never are.

If you are in a season of difficulty, it is quite human to want to get out and get back to a state of peace and joy. I wish there were some fool-proof way to get back there quickly, but often we need to stay in that season until we learn something.

One thing you can do in the midst of your challenges is to look for the lesson. Specifically, you may ask yourself, “What is it about the state I am in that could be a lesson I need to learn?”

Some of us never do. We wallow in our misery longer than we should, rather than posing the internal question. If you watch the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, you will see a very funny perspective on what it means to get stuck in an uncomfortable season until you finally learn to ask the right question.

One thing I need to learn over and over is that I ask the wrong question. My question is still, “What will get me out of this?” It is only when I shift my question from “what” to “who” do I finally begin to see the light. “Who do I need to help?” “Who can I serve?” “Who in my life could use a good word of encouragement from me?”

To ask this, to seek an answer, and then to take action is one of the keys to releasing yourself from a funk. Try it. If I am wrong then all you did was help someone in need. That wouldn’t be so bad.

The world around you needs you more than you know, and the cool thing is that most of the time it doesn’t care about your funks.

Look up and go help.

Life Is Difficult- by Scott Peck

I found myself today kind of filling my head with worry and self doubt based on things outside of my control. I’m sure you can relate to this as all humans can amongst sometimes difficult situations.

Scott Peck, author of the book “From A Road Less Traveled” had a perfect paragraph in the book that jumped out at me and I wanted to share it with  you.

Check it out here.

Happy Thursday!