December TalkJet Interview

TalkJet is a monthly audio interview series that provides Realtors with the information and strategies that top producing agents around the country are using. The concept is simple: I want my referral partners to know how the best of the best are achieving success in TODAY’s market.

This month’s TalkJet has taken a new direction. Coach Bill Hart is the host of TalkJet and has been interviewing top producing agents for over 15 years. Many have asked him to share his observations and wisdom that he has gathered over time, and this month, he has. According to Bill, his nearly 200 interviewees have five attributes in common. In this edition of TalkJet, he describes these characteristics and explains how one might obtain them. I especially liked his comments on having absolute clarity as to where your business will come from (having a sniper scope instead of a shotgun) and his list of tools that will help hone the efficiency that top producers crave. Enjoy!